The Positive Perspective~

Begin to comprehend that self improvement leads to a better sense of self, as self-improvement can immensely improve one’s quality of living, but most importantly well-being. The processes for internal change requires internal work through internal service.

It is not enough to positively think, read, and talk about it, but one must also practice what he or she positively talks, reads, and thinks. Furthermore, internal change needs one to desire for it; to will for it; to aspire for it; to persevere for it; and to dedicate themselves to it.

When one begins with an effective self-improvement program, it is comprehensible to feel a lack of comfort to go with encountering internal resistance, which stems from older habits within the subconscious mind. In addition to enduring resistance and opposition from people surrounding you.

Desiring to positively change by developing new approving habits to approve of oneself requires tenacity to resist laziness, giving in to giving up, and the fear of ridicule from opposing relatives, friends and everyone else everywhere in between.

I have become aware of a useful, simple, and very effective technique that I have come to master. This technique consists of observing how people behave and act during various situations, then I examine myself, to realize how I would behave during the same situation enduring the same conditions.

When I observe people with certain character traits, or exhibiting certain disapproving types of behavior, I examine myself to comprehend how dominant these traits and behaviors are within me. I routinely visualize and rehearse thoughtfully of the approving various behaviors I rather use, then act with practice until these become dominant and habitual.

So, continue visualizing and rehearsing mindfully, then practice within various situations, in which you manifest your new and approving behaviors and character traits to continue positively affecting your life.

Hope this helps, as your success continues!
Celebrate your life, as your great life continues~



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