The Positive Perspective~ Self-Mastery

The Positive Perspective~
Self-mastery is controlling your internal thought processes guiding your behaviors, character, emotions, attitude, and habits. It is focusing upon responding rather than reacting, as responding is done with awareness and intention, whereas reacting is done viscerally and without reason. To cultivate self-mastery utilize this effective strategy.
Encourage an increase in Positive Self-Communication:
Paying attention to your internal voice within your mind is completely normal, as it remains as your internal dialogue; your inner commentary your striving to comprehend of your surrounding world. It is your first crucial step upon improving your self-mastery, as you become more observant of your thoughts, become more self-aware, and more self-reflective – to be more mindful of your thinking.
By lacking mindfulness one responds to external stimuli immediately with an emotional response. Self-mastery breaks the pattern by allowing one to internally interpret his/her situation to determine which self-approving emotional response to choose. Self-mastery is about stopping, fully observing one’s emotions welling up within, and the thoughts presenting him or herself.
Throughout history, various subject matter experts, authorities, psychologists, and philosophers continue presenting and debating the theories of the multiplicity of the human mind among themselves (such as Plato dividing the psyche into: Appetitive; Logical; and High Spirited and Sigmund Freud categorizing the structured psyche into tripartite: Id; Ego; and Superego). The commonailty they share is agreeing upon the multi-dimensional aspect. There exists more than just one “you” within yourself, and more often than not, you’re at odds with yourself. Self-mastery continues to be about creating inner congruence, and furthermore, about the peaceful agreement between your internal interpretation, your emotional response and external stimulus.
Self-mastery requires you to observe and recognize, then label your emotions and thoughts, as they entirely present you. So, encourage yourself by further increasing your positive self-communication both verbally and non-verbally. Trust that your future self will greatly appreciate you further and habitually support you through and through.
Hope this helps, as your success continues! Celebrate your life, as your great life continues~

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