The Positive Perspective~ Self-Love

The Positive Perspective~

Support yourself by way of creating a daily Self-Love Ritual:

Prevent yourself from watching TV, and disconnect yourself from using social media for a minimum of 15 minutes. By doing so supports you upon centering focus upon self-awareness and meditation, while self-pampering.

I begin self-appreciating myself by appreciating my body and life, then relishing my blessings within thought of all the good I have, had, and looking forward to having. I exhibit graciously with positive self-communication (within mind and out loud) and positive non-verbal communication (such as lovingly rubbing my hands together, patting the front of my shoulders from the opposite hand, confidently nodding my head up and down with a smile, fist pumping – “I got this!”, Etc.).

Come to accept all that was, is and will be! Conduct stretches and mindful self body massages of your head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and feet. Remind yourself, “you came far from where you have began, and look forward to the awesome adventure in which you are still journeying to where you destine yourself to be!”

Hope this helps, as your success continues! Celebrate your life, as your great life continues~

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