The Positive Perspective: Self-Care

The Positive Perspective:


Plenty of Slumbering for Optimal Benefit: You can control your circumstances by positively affecting your life, and it begins and ends with you controlling how well you take care of yourself. By resuming responsibility and accountability of properly caring for your mind, body, and soul you better enable yourself with physical and mental maintenance. Doing so optimizes your ability for stress management, and increases your resilience to help you manage your emotions toward uncontrollable subject matters throughout your life. The following important basic self-care strategy can help keep you functioning optimally well and better prepares you for life’s challenges regardless of size by supporting external and internal awareness; mental focus and fortitude; physical concentration and tenacity; and overall vitality and growth.

Sleep continues to be vitally important for both overall health and well-being (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual). Lacking sleep will inevitably negatively impact your ability to manage your stress when your stress level is heightened, in addition to lowering your productivity and overall functionality. Furthermore, busy schedules along with stress can unfortunately further the elusiveness of slumbering. Between having very minimal slumbering time (less than the ideal eight hours of REM sleep), dealing with the difficulties of actually slumbering, and attaining poor-quality sleep due to heightened stress. It is obvious that achieving adequate sleep isn’t an easy event to manage day-to-day, but guarantee slumbering remains as a very critical and vitally important event that must be accomplished successfully daily.

Fortunately, there is much you can do to support your sleep routine from utilizing time management strategies to maximize your time, to utilizing relaxation techniques and methods to help yourself doze away for quality sleep… and if you continue finding it difficult to attain quality sleep, power napping is the ideal situation you can functionally utilize! Remember, slumbering in a pitch blackened dark space is, I believe, to be the ideal and best situation to slumber within.

Hope this helps, as your success continues! Celebrate your life, as your great life continues~

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