The Positive Perspective~ Self-Determination

The Positive Perspective~


Self-determination is willfully upholding the belief you are in control of your own destiny, as it combines both ability and attitude to lead yourself to goal set. Furthermore, self-determination ignites initiative from within yourself to accomplish these same goals you set. Self-determination urges you to take charge of yourself (not to be confused with self-sufficiency or independence) by way of encouraging and supporting your own choices; decision-making; critical thinking; accountability; and responsibility for your own life. Practicing self-determination increases your experiences dealing with both negative and positive consequences from your decision-making and action taking.

Self-determination begins during childhood and continues until death, as self-determination strengthens the desire through the will to overcome challenges by way of accomplishment and achievement. Self-determination is especially prominent for those well known for succeeding from poverty to society’s fame like status determined to replace the unwanted with the most wanted (beyond settling with content). Those of society that persevered through disapproving circumstances and endured through negative affecting situations to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.

Self-determination separates the performers from the great performers! Being self-determined enhances self-awareness, assertiveness, concentration, creativity, motivation, and optimism. So, take charge – Control your life and lead yourself by setting goals, evaluating options, creating choices, and taking decisive action, then proceeding to accomplish them toward moving forward to what desirably lies ahead next. Since self-determination becomes increasingly effective after one embraces and hones his/her will through various exercises and practice, give yourself ample opportunity, time, and self-advocacy toward becoming self-satisfied before ever attempting to “move-on/move-forward” (giving in to giving up; or quitting).

Exercise self-determination with achievable milestones for short-term goals that ultimately accomplishes long-term goals upon your large grand scheme of dreams. It’s your life and your purpose to play with your passions as you deem fit to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals, as your great day continues.

Hope this helps, as your success continues! Celebrate your life, as your great life continues~


Edward F. T. Charfauros

Your friendly neighborhood Life Guide~

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