The Positive Perspective: Self-Communication~

The one individual whom you communicate to and with most throughout your godsend life 24-hours daily, 7-days weekly and 52-weeks annually year-in, year out is: Yourself.

How good and bad your communication with yourself determines how much of a quality life you’re living, as it assists immensely upon determining your ability to experience life as you desire, and most importantly deserve. Much of society do not truly comprehend that life’s experiences are by the emotional dwelling upon past thoughts, as we currently focus upon thoughts for future experiences. We are what we think about most; have what we think about most; do what we think about most; and go where we think about most. You may begin life upon disapproving circumstances, but you’re responsible for empowering yourself with the kind of positive affecting changes you approve of.

Thirty eight years later, I am finally comprehending the concept of self-communication, both negative and positive effects, and life changes deriving from those effects.

Self-communication affects three vital aspects of our mentality:

⦁    Emotional behavior
⦁    Attitude & Tonality
⦁    Thinking

Emotions influence your behaviors and decision-making. Therefore, the further along you are mastering your emotions, the closer to controlling your decisions, outcomes and results with more precision. Increasing the percentage of achieving desirable outcomes and results requires an increase in self-communication you approve of, the kind of self-communication you use silently in mind and out loud to yourself. Additionally, self-communication also includes non-verbal communication, which revolves around how you physically communicate, such as facial expressions, smiling, giggling, laughing, head nodding, and various body parts moving (such as fist tightening, slapping yourself, Etc.).

So, what are you self-communicating silently and out loud to yourself? Are you positively affecting yourself, or opposing yourself? Become aware of your emotional state of being as much as possible, especially during heightened states of negativity. How are you treating yourself physically, are you self-communicating by self-inflicting pain when angry? Emotionally abusing yourself with guilt that is supporting negative self-talk! Pay close attention… You deserve what you give yourself, because you’re absolutely and undoubtedly correct with whatever you communicate to yourself, so ensure it is all good and of value.

Hope this helps, as your success continues! Celebrate your life, as your great life continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros
Your friendly neighborhood Life Guide~

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