The Positive Perspective: Self-Discipline~

Everyone should hone one of the most important skills each of us possess: Self-discipline, as it is not only useful, but critically important to succeeding in any passionate endeavor of interest. This skill continues to be essential in every aspect of your life! Although, many people acknowledge its importance, an even fewer number of people do anything to strengthen their self-discipline.

Contrary to popular belief, self-discipline does not mean to involve harmful punishment, conducting any mentally negative affecting acts to yourself, self-limiting your livelihood, or restricting your lifestyle. Self discipline revolves around self-control, which signifies strengthened will, patience, and absolute control of yourself, your actions and reactions, and decision-making. Self discipline helps with empowering yourself to support your decisions and to remain on-course all the way through without changing your decision until you’re satisfied with a desirable outcome.

Honing your self-discipline to a higher level enables you to persevere longer, further, and farther with your decisions and plans until you accomplish milestones and goals en route to achieving your dreams. Self-discipline manifests as internal strength helping you overcome many temptations, addictions, negative affecting habits and routines, procrastination, and laziness. A common test for strengthening your self-discipline is exercising your ability to reject instant gratification and short-term pleasures, while en route to greater gain and attainment of your accomplishments and achievements, which requires much more progress and patience before reaping gratification and pleasure. Adhere to self-discipline and stay the course!

Self-discipline remains a key ingredient to your success, as you strengthen self-discipline through various ways:

  • Patience, exercising self-control regardless of pace, progress and time it takes to accomplish and achieve.
  • Perseverance, exercising self-confidence by not allowing yourself to give in to giving up despite setbacks.
  • Persistence, exercising self-determination by trying again and again throughout a lengthy time period until you’re absolutely satisfied.
  • Resistance, exercising self-respect by resisting temptations, surpassing distractions, and believing in your purpose, passions, and your ability to achieve and accomplish.

As we continue forward we must accept life’s disapproving challenges, undesirable circumstances and problematic situations along our journey of success. To rise above and beyond these conquerable challenges, temporary circumstances and situations we must practice patience, persevere, and persist, while resisting all that is undesirably working against us along our path.

The further you strengthen your self-discipline, the further along you increase self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, self-control, etc.. Consequently, your self-satisfaction and self-image increases, while joyfully enjoying the fruit of your labor.

Upon the opposite side of the coin, lacking self-discipline leads to an increase of undesirable outcomes, unsatisfying results, negatively affecting losses (such as financial), damaging health, poor relationships, problematic situations, and so much more everywhere in between.

A strengthened self-discipline mentality helps overcome disorders (such as eating, etc.) and addictive habits (such as smoking, alcohol drinking, etc.). Additionally, helping yourself stay still enough for important focus based tasks, such as studying; reading; physical exercising; mental exercising; skill developing; self-improving; growing spiritually, and meditating.

As previously mentioned, many people acknowledge the important relevance of self-discipline, but even fewer truly step forward consistently toward strengthening their self-discipline. However, you can strengthen your self-discipline by consistently emphasizing your desire and reminding the importance of achieving your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Proceed with emphasis of purpose and playing with your passions.

Hope this helps, as your great life continues just as great as your success continues~


Edward F. T. Charfauros

Life Guide

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