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Repeat With Me Series - WEB

  • Repeat With Me: I AM (Inspiring, Aspiring & Motivating) Success Every Moment: In The Spring!

  • Repeat With Me: I AM (Inspiring, Aspiring & Motivating) Success Every Moment: In The Summer!

  • Repeat With Me: I AM (Inspiring, Aspiring & Motivating) Success Every Moment: In The Autumn!

  • Repeat With Me: I AM (Inspiring, Aspiring & Motivating) Success Every Moment: In The Winter!


We all talk to ourselves, and yet more than half of what we say to ourselves may be negative!
Life Guide Edward F. T. Charfauros offers guidance using powerful and comprehensive communication for
people such as yourself to positively affect your life for optimal long-term benefit.

Featuring self-talk messages that can help you to:
* Strengthen confidence and self-esteem
* Support self-growth and professional development
* Succeed with relationships (romance, friendships, career, etc.)
* Enhance healthy choices, habits, and lifestyle
* Cultivate respect, optimism, and faith
* Encourage health improvement and sustainability
* Enrich personal prosperity and wealth

Use these self-communicating messages within and guide yourself to be the best ideal
“YOU” that you have been yearning to be! Reprogram your inner dialogue with Edward F. T. Charfauros’
proven self-communication scripts that assist him in taking control of his life and his destiny.

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Coloring Affirmations Front Cover - WEB

Coloring Affirmations: An empowering self-nourishing coloring book for positive change

Coloring Affirmations – An Empowering Self-Nourishing Coloring Book For Positive Change, is a book for adults and kids of all ages! Coloring, combined with empowering positive self-talk statements is an ideal way to unwind and relax, empower yourself, aspire for goals, record your dreams, and motivate yourself for continued success.

This coloring book by Edward F. T. Charfauros is filled with empowering effective scripts providing positive messages that make it an outstanding ideal activity for children and adults alike. Edward used his positive affirming statements in his book, “Coloring Affirmations” during a period of 4 weeks while professionally driving “over-the-road” throughout the United States lower 48 states alone during 2016. Coloring continues to be a therapeutic and stress-relieving activity, and together with empowering positive affirming statements writes that he “has witnessed the effectiveness of empowering affirmations positively affecting its owners in various settings with various ages of children and adults in various types of relationships, environmental settings, and cultures.”

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For Wonderful People Only! Yes, this includes you…: Self-Empowering through color

Empower through with good vibes as to inspire to aspire your day with this wonderful coloring book for adults. First time drawing and or coloring? You will enjoy coloring and drawing in this booklet. This booklet is meant for you to free your mind of negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress… and embrace your awesome wonderful self!

You will love this book because of ~

* 31 Original Positive Effective Coloring Pages for Relaxation & Pleasure. Each page you color will relax your state of mind allowing your responsibilities and concerns to fade away

* 30 Beautifully Framed Doodle Pages for Creativity & Vision. These pages allow you to express your aspirations and bring forth your creative artist within your unique masterpieces. So, choose your colors for this book!

* 31 Self-Empowering Positive Affecting Statements. Every illustration has a positive self-empowering statement on a separate page with a doodle page on the backside

* Great for All Skill & Talent Levels. No special skills and talents required. No wrong way to color. Color every page as you desire.

* Suitable for Adults & Teenagers. Free your creativity within~ Regardless of your drawing history if you have any!

* Guaranteed Pleasure, Relaxation & Stress Relief. You will hours of self-amusement and entertainment.

* Excellent Ideal Gift. This is a wonderful present for friends, family, and anyone in between. Know of someone who enjoys coloring? Encourage a smile from them by getting them a copy too! Even better… You both could color together!!!! So, join us on this special life journey for the betterment of joy! Inspire your awesomeness and bring forth your wonderful true self for all to enjoy.

NOTE: Recommended for coloring pencils and crayons

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Colorful Positivity: Empower your life & Soothe your soul

A must-have if you’re a mandala lover, a highly recommended book to own! You will absolutely enjoy it!


Often recommended as a therapy to help relieve negative affecting stress for relaxation. Coloring intricate repetitive mandala designs of a unique professional quality hand-drawn by the artist will assist you to relax. This book consists of various simple and complex mandala designs created for you to keep your mind entertained and interested as you proceed through the book. This is a coloring book, a diary, and a doodle book all in one!

This wonderful gift for you or a special loved one is a wonderful adult coloring book because it is:

* Offers 60+ beautiful and exquisite MANDALAS!

* Perfect for teens and adults at every skill level!

* Works with your choice of coloring tools, such as color pencils and crayons.

* This book is printed on 50 lb pure white paper to minimize scoring and bleed-through.

* Each design is accompanied by an empowering positive affirmation statement printed on one side!

* A diary page within a mandala frame (30-day diary) on the opposite page of the mandala design with its empowering affirmation statement.

* All designs appeal to a broad range of skill levels for hours and hours of relaxation and entertainment.

* A great gift filled abundantly for pleasure – REAL THICK!!! A large collection of wonderful mandalas in one book for a beneficial low price.

BEAUTIFUL PASSIONATE ARTWORK IN A LARGE COLLECTION. Edward’s creatively and elegantly designed coloring book for adults hosts MORE THAN 60 mandala designs. Designs that provide hours of creative pleasure, negatively affecting stress relief, artistic amusement, relaxation, and inspiring entertainment. The artwork within this huge book offers a broad range of complexity for every skill level. Add to Cart and or save to the wish list, buy it now, then enjoy and relax!

RECOMMENDATION: We suggest using colored pencils for the best results.

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Front Cover

Self-Nourishment: An empowering mandala coloring book for positive change

Empower your creativity within for the relaxation and calm your mind, body, and spirit need while coloring these stunning tranquil designed mandala patterns. Free yourself of time, stress, and expectation. Free yourself of worries and balance your life with these 60 elegant mandala designs specifically for this book for your peace of mind.

Enjoy coloring as you thrive on the goodness of life

Here are some reasons you’ll love coloring this…

  • Beautifully elegant original illustrations of 60 in total not seen anywhere else. Each page can equate to one day of the month for a months’ worth of therapy.
  • A calming coloring book that will allow your worries to disappear as you color.
  • One-sided pages with each page set up to avoid spilling.
  • Professionally designed with a premium glossy cover with a large 8″x 10″ format.
  • Great for all ages and skill levels! Wonderful designs are suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
  • A wonderful gift for everyone. Don’t hesitate to share… Give them a copy!

So, what colors will you choose for these pages?

This coloring book is ideal for:

  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween & More…

Also, as:

  • Easter gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • Basket stuffers
  • Travel activities
  • Vacation activities

Blissful coloring to you as a great day continues

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~ Coming Soon ~ 

YES To Good Vibes! Front Cover - WEB

YES To Good Vibes: Love The Positivity

A street art coloring book consisting of a large collection of artwork for stress relief and therapeutic amusement. This coloring book brings out artistic creativity, mindfulness, positivity, and brilliance all in one 8×10 package!