Self~Empower For Change

“Those who experience joy are the ones who truly experience their true selves.” 
Disallow all the sources of stress beyond you to dictate you, taunt you, best you, control you, and worsen you, as you are absolutely better, stronger, and deserving of greater joy. Do what brings out the best of you, the love, the goodness, and passionate true self, and continue progressing with your goals, passionate endeavors, and the day dreams (fantasies)! Don’t brush your desires to the side or put them away, because your bliss is priority, as you are no use to anyone else if you’re no use to yourself!
“It is better to assist others to live better, while you yourself is living it up, because one can not assist another while they themselves are too busy dying (worsening themselves via the negative). Proceed with an optimistic mentality, loving behavior, and a positive attitude… Live it up, then assist others in doing the same by the example you set for yourself.”
And so, just as you continue better than yesterday, so is your progress in being yourself upon pursuing the accomplishment of your dreams and the achievement of your goals~                            
“Laughter relieves stress just as belief is to resolving ailments.”
Regardless of where you are, where you are going and what you are doing. So long as you are enjoying yourself you are what makes it all worthwhile, and even more so when you throw in a sense of humor into your endeavoring!
  • Relieving Stress Through Laughter
Bringing forth laughter through a positive and loving sense of humor surely helps in healing ailments within. Whether outright laughing upon an episode of your favorite show or movie, or quietly doing so, laughing does a body and mind good. Aside from the truth aforementioned, laughter helps relieve stress (with all joking aside).    
  • Benefiting Short-Term
A moment of a good laugh and a moment of good giggling affects you short-term very effectively. Laughing lightens you mentally, while inducing changes physically for better, as laughter provides: Organ Stimulation; Stress Relief; and Tension Soothing.
  • Effectively Long-Term
Laughter provides more than an instant and moment of benefit, but is beneficial long-term as well, as laughter provides: Immune System Improvement; Mood Improvement; Pain Relief; and a Personal Satisfaction Increase.    
  • Ideal Remedy
A remedy worth a try or two, or many more! Think of something, someone, or an event worthy of your humor, then begin with a smile and convert from a smile to a giggle, and laugh… After your laugh is short-lived take note of how you feel both mentally and physically.    
Feeling relaxed or buoyant I hope! Well, enough said…
CHEERS~ as your great life continues…
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide