Edward has the compassion, drive, and leadership to excel at any job or tassk that is given to him. A professional in every sense of the word. It was my pleasure serving alongside him. ~Anthony Walker, Pearl Harbor, HI – USA

Edward is a very detail oriented individual, with exceptional people skills and is business oriented. Highly recommended for any task. ~Tyrone Flagler, Fort Dix, NJ – USA

Ed Charfauros’ management of the production department at our sister company (G3N1oU5 Productions) created stunning results, happy customers, all while maintaining a quick turnaround. His team was always thrilled to work with him, just as customers were thrilled with his ability to communicate ideas and produce a product that they were happy with. Ed is an asset that will bring results and a positive attitude to any company he works with. His positive outlook is infectious, as is his ambition. ~Shane Busby, Honolulu, HI – USA

Edward is a highly motivated person and a hard worker. his work ethics makes everyone around him better at what they do. Edward is very coachable and is always eager to learn new things. He is a professional. ~Darrel Sancho, Los Angeles, CA – USA

From genuine loving health coaching to life guidance mentoring, my dad continues to impress me and support me for the best. Awesome attitude, positive suspport system, and an inspiration to many! I love recommending my dad to my co-workers and friends. ~Ian Alu O. Charfauros, Henderson, NV – USA

My #1 mentor! I continue to adhere to my older brother’s life guidance and health coaching consultation. He treats everyone like family and that is not something you find every day. ~Vernon J. T. Charfauros, San Diego, CA – USA

I’ve known and worked with Edward for many years as we attended the same coaching program. His journey has been one of authenticity and compassion for all those around him. He’s very inspirational and motivated to help others achieve greatness. I highly recommend him for empowerment. He has numerous resources that’ll help anyone willing to say yes to change. ~Paty Mariposa, Coral Gables, FL – USA

I recommend Edward Charfauros and Life Guidance for his straight forward and accurate attitude for happiness and success in all things… the world needs many more like Edward. ~Loren Adams, Makawao, HI – USA

I recommend for the positive message he shares in his line of work. ~Jaris Dreaming, Pahoa, HI – USA

For the last couple of years I have been reading his daily posts and I am here to tell you that he has helped me keep a positive attitude in some trying times. I am proud to announce that Edward has volunteered to post daily on the main Citizens Action Network page sharing his positive and motivating work. He always has some great photos that go with his writings. Hopefully, he can reach even more people with his great message and help bring more people to a growing worldwide network of volunteers. ~Frederick H. Stralow, Tool, TX -USA #Stradog

Repeat With Me: “Edward is an Inspiring, Aspiring, & Motivating person that is a friend to all” Many thanks, my friend. It’s off to a fantastic year, and with your inspiring words, I am sure to reach the top. Manahlo nui loa! ~Dustin Rodgers, Elkton, OR – USA

Wishing you prosperity and positivity! I always enjoy the positive messages you put up, thank you for them… I read them as I pass through feeds and it’s uplifting. ~Denny Tabula, Honolulu, HI – USA

It was real rough during our days in Iraq. When I was depressed about the things I should have done while I was in Iraq. I look back at our friendship… you were always a genuine good person to the core. A positive influence you continue to this day! I appreciate your life guidance. ~Isaac Carlos Chavez, Albuquerque, NM – USA

I think what Edward is trying to teach, and certianly what I’ve learned from him, is that through great pain a person can still grow and be a light not just for himself but for everyone he touches. ~Johnnie Torres II, East Bremerton, WA – USA

Bro, you were the most positive person I have met… you helped me out when time went bad. And I thank you 4 that. Ehhh~ 🤙 Thank you! ~Stooney Heredia, Parker, AZ – USA

My dear friend Edward. His wishes are beautiful and positively affect my days! Thank you very much! ~Berna Kubova, Kosice, Slovakia

In many ways, I have been going through some hard time’s and most of the time I’m alone facing it all but when I open my Facebook your words of wisdom and positive motivation has given me hope that life is worth living because I am not alone. For that I am truly blessed and thankful for you. I love you Prim please be safe. ~Patricia Torres, Guam – USA